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Ceramic Vs Carbon

Is a Carbon Heater Better for you, or a Ceramic Heater?

With the infrared saunas, it is the ceramic heating elements that are traditionally used. They may not look the same as they did in the past though, with the designs of ceramic heaters rapidly changing over the years.

Lead, styrene, aluminum, iron, zinc and other chemicals are involved in the heating process when a carbon heater is used. This makes them an undesirable heater; especially where our leading infrared sauna manufacturer, SaunaMed, is concerned. SaunaMed believes that the use of these types of chemicals in an environment that is meant to detoxify the body is unhealthy and ultimately unacceptable.

Ceramic heaters heat up quicker than carbon heaters do, as well as have a better emission rate and are more durable. Ceramic heaters also are installed easier, ship easier and if there are any issues they can be replaced easier. All of which put ceramic heaters above carbon heaters in terms of popularity.

Another problem is that the rays in a carbon infrared sauna all travel in a straight line, because of this they usually fail to reach every point of the body. The solution to this problem is to find some way to get the rays to reach every part of the body, short of covering the whole interior of the sauna with unsightly carbon, heating panels.

Even the effectiveness of the infrared rays goes down if you are sitting even 20 cm away from the wall. That means if you are not sitting close enough to the infrared heater it is heating up the air more than it is heating your body.

While we looked for the perfect infrared sauna for our customers, we found SaunaMed (which can only be purchased through Aqualine Saunas at this time).

SaunaMed has the solution to the problems of the carbon infrared rays with their DuraWave pure ceramic, Far-Infrared heaters. The DuraWave heater uses surgical-grade, stainless steel deflectors to provide the maximum infrared output. They also have a concave shape, which allows the rays to travel in more directions than straight; allowing the user to be able to sit anywhere they want in the sauna.

EMR Neutralâ„¢ by SaunaMed give off an ultra-low EMR (electromagnetic radiation rays) which you will never have to worry about being overexposed to the strong EMR while relaxing in your sauna. This is a ceramic emitter that is capable of a zero reading that is not possible with a carbon heater.

SaunaMed is the sauna brand most recommended by medical professionals for their patients. When you buy an infrared sauna by SaunaMed you are getting the same exact sauna that the professionals recommend and even use.

All SaunaMed infrared saunas are available through Aqualine Saunas.

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